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The Queen Declares War on Plastic

15 February 2018

With top-down initiations such as the plastic-bag charge proving effective (usage is said to be down 85 per cent), we an all take inspiration from these movements and start looking to our own homes, like the Queen, to see how we can reduce our plastic waste.

And, according to The Telegraph, internal caters at Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, as well as Buckingham Palace, will now only be allowed to use china plates, glasses and recyclable paper cups.

Buckingham Palace is now undergoing a 10 year, £369 million, refurbishment programme which will make the royal residence far more green as well as replacing electrical cabling and heating systems which have not been updated since shortly after the Second World War.

It is thought that Queen Elizabeth's interest in the issue spiked after she worked with Sir David Attenborough on a documentary that explores wildlife in the Commonwealth. It will also incentivise businesses to reduce the amount of plastic they routinely use'.

"Across the organisation, the Royal Household is committed to reducing its environmental impact", said a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman.

Environmentally friendly strategies have been put in place at Buckingham Palace as a spokesman told of a "strong desire" to tackle the issue of plastic in royal residences.

In addition, food packaging across all visitor cafes attached to Royal households will have be biodegradable. Prince Charles has delivered several speeches about damage to the oceans.

It looks like 2018 could be the year in which we start to, collectively, take plastic waste reduction seriously. "The fact that a recent study estimates that by 2025 there will be one tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish in the sea is not what I call encouraging". But that plan includes few legal repercussions for creating plastic waste, instead offering money for innovations against plastic and a guaranteed tax on plastic bags. The process will replace electrical cabling and heating systems, making the palace far greener-some of these current systems date back to WWII. Pretty rare that the Royal family is appearing more progressive than Parliament.

The Queen Declares War on Plastic