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Malaysian newspaper publishes 'how to spot a gay' checklist

15 February 2018

They stated that gay men were easy to identify due to their love of beards, going to the gym - not for exercise but to check out other men - and branded clothing. But fear not - thanks to the Malaysian newspaper Sinar Harian, you'll be able to spot any potential homosexuals.

Gay men also are described as liking tight clothing because it allows them to show of their abdominal six packs.

Arwind Kumar, a Malaysian social media star, lashed out at the article in a video uploaded to Youtube on Saturday, saying, "It's so disappointing to see how people actually waste time posting articles like this on newspapers instead of spreading actual awareness, actual education" about the LGBT community.

It featured bullet points for its readers in Malaysia, where homosexuality is illegal and can carry a 20-year prison sentence. Are you trying to say the they're gay? "That's how stupid this whole article sounds", he said.

"Do not tell them about gays - how the hell does a gay person endanger your life?".

Malaysia hit the headlines in March 2017 over its attitudes to homosexuality when the country's film censorship board demanded cuts to Disney's hit movie "Beauty and the Beast" because of a "gay moment".

Past year the Malaysian health ministry launched a contest for videos suggesting how to prevent young people from becoming gay or transgender.

In the wake of those violent incidents, some called for softening the anti-gay rhetoric in the country, the Guardian reported.

It comes after a spate of recent deaths of people thought to be gay, lesbian and transgender.

Just last year an 18-year-old student was beaten then burned to death by his classmates who labelled him a "pondon" - an insulting term for a gay man.

A 27-year-old trans-woman called Sameera Krishnan was stabbed and shot while working at a florist shop a few months later.

'If you ask someone not to be themselves that will have an adverse impact on the health and-well being of the person, ' said Thilaga Sulathireh, co-founder of transgender activist group Justice for Sisters.

Malaysian newspaper publishes 'how to spot a gay' checklist