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Beyonce Warns Actress After Touching Jay-Z's Chest

15 February 2018

No one would be able to forget meeting Beyoncé, but Tiffany Haddish had a particularly memorable experience meeting Queen Bey.

Comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish recalled a time recently when her new BFF Bey became fierce as fire after an unnamed actress was trying talking a little too close to the singer's husband JAY-Z after his concert. She touched the torso and Beyoncé took to be we-mode "Biitttchhh!' But she didn't really say that".

Don't get lemonade thrown in your face, Tiff! In a preview for TV One's "Uncensored," Haddish elaborated on her experience with the couple, and apparently Bey is very protective of her man. Maybe Tiff will drop some hints on how things went down when she starts working on her HBO first-look deal. "'B******ttcchhh!' But, she didn't say that", Haddish said in the video.

Jay-Z has been th8inking about his acting talents lately.

"I was talking to Jay-Z for a little bit, and there was another actress that was there, who was also talking to JAY-Z". And there was another actress who was there that spoke to him also.

The Girls Trip star nearly got into a quarrel with the unnamed actress, too, and that cemented her bond with the singing superstar. While Tiff didn't name names as to who the actress was that tried to make a move on Beyonce's man, she did hint that we'll eventually find out. "You're going to know".

The night the alleged encounter took place appears to be the same night the Girls Trip actress took her epic selfie with Beyoncé.

Don't let the slay fool you; Beyoncé will protect what's dear to her in a heartbeat.

She continued, "But Beyoncé was just telling me to have a good time, and I was like, "No, I'm gonna end up fighting this bitch!"

Beyonce Warns Actress After Touching Jay-Z's Chest