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Woman has British accent after medical procedure

14 February 2018

According to her statement, Michelle Myers, a former beauty queen from Texas, her life changes one night after she went to bed with a terrible headache.

Initially, Michelle Myers began waking up with Irish and Australian accents, but those began to dissipate after a few weeks.

"They send in the psychiatrist at the hospital and make sure you're not a loon", said Myers.

Myers's situation is especially peculiar since her accent doesn't sound like a speech disruption-on the contrary, it comes across as quite refined.

Rather than picking up the accent while studying overseas, the mum of seven suffers from a rare medical condition diagnosed as Foreign Accent Syndrome - a condition usually associated with neurological damage.

Over the past seven years, Myers has spoken in various accents.

Two years ago she went down with a crippling headache and woke up with a Cockney accent she's had ever since.

According to the University of Texas at Dallas, FAS has been documented in hundreds of cases globally, including accent changes from Japanese to Korean, British English to French, American English to British, and Spanish to Hungarian. She was likewise diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, reportedly brought on by nerve damage due to her medical procedure.

When someone suffers from EDS, their joints can bruise easily or even dislocate, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

"I have been diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines - meaning my headaches are accompanied by temporary weakness on one side of the body and numbness", she said. Little is known about Foreign Accent Syndrome other than its connection to neurological damage, and treatments for the illness aren't now clear. She felt like a different person and it took her some time to define her identity. It is possible that this might have led to Myers's unusual change in accents.

Since then, researchers have published more than 100 case studies of FAS.

Looking back at how she used to be is hard, Myers says. "I feel like a different person". People like me - we don't care which one it is.

"People would think it was a joke, saying things like, 'You sound like a Spice Girl, ' " she told The Sun, a British tabloid. The speech rhythms and pronunciations sound like other accents. Meyers said, adding that more people should take the condition seriously.

Woman has British accent after medical procedure