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Sky maintains position as main broadcaster of live Premier League football

14 February 2018

Overall, Sky is actually paying £199m less than it did in 2015 (£4.176bn), but will have the rights to broadcast two more games per season (126 in 2015, vs 128 in 2019) when the new accord kicks in.

Meanwhile, BT Sport won the rights to 32 Saturday lunchtime matches during each of the three Premier League campaigns, for which the company said it paid £295m per season.

The other two packages on offer are yet to be distributed, but the Premier League claim there is interest from multiple bidders - with Amazon and Netflix rumoured to be interested.

The remaining packages are both for 20 matches from midweek fixtures.

Given the confirmation from BT of what they will pay for the new package, it means Sky's outlay will be £3.579bn, which works out at £9.3m per game.

Under the new TV deal, Sky have bought four of the available match packages - B, C, D, and E. BT Sport have acquired package A.

Absolutely - the remaining two packages look ideal for streaming specialists.

Having paid £1.2bn to own midweek European club football, the telecoms giant had made it clear where its priorities lay and had even suggested it would walk away from Premier League football if the prices went too high.

Sky, the Premier League's main broadcast partner since the competition was established in 1992, will broadcast 128 out of 200 available games, including all fixtures on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays.

In a statement, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said: "We are extremely pleased that BT and Sky continue to view the Premier League and our clubs as such an important part of their offering".

Considering its success in simultaneously broadcasting entire Champions League matchday programmes, BT must be considered the favourite for at least one of the two remaining packages. Download it today and continue to enjoy STV News wherever you are.

He added: "'Not only do we remain the home of Premier League football but also the home of top quality drama, entertainment, comedy and other sports", he said.

The amount raised so far, however, is below the $8 billion raised in 2015 for three-year packages to show 168 games a season.

"Our disciplined approach means we continue to have the flexibility to invest in each of these areas as we choose, underlining our position as Europe's largest investor in content".

In addition to the remaining two United Kingdom packages to be decided, a further windfall will be expected when the overseas rights are sold.

Sky maintains position as main broadcaster of live Premier League football