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Sea of Thieves PC System Requirements and Recommended Specs Revealed

14 February 2018

Players have recently discovered that Rare's upcoming pirate adventure game, Sea of Thieves, will be featuring a premium shop where you can shell out real dollars for virtual items.

The assertion comes from design director, Mike Chapman, who seems to consider loot boxes as "a form of gambling".

Sea of Thieves will also be the first game to launch on Microsoft's dedicated subscription service, Xbox Games Pass, putting the project in an interesting position for the company.

Given this is a game based largely on water, we couldn't help but chastise ourselves for not considering sea sickness.

Regardless of the hardware on the machine, for "Sea of Thieves" to work, players must have Windows 10 and DirectX 11 installed. "What we will say is there will never be loot crates in Sea of Thieves". However, going towards the enthusiast end, anyone looking to enjoy the game on maximum graphics settings on a 4K display at 60fps, will require an i7 4790 or a Ryzen 5 1600, along with a GTX 1080ti or a RX Vega 64. While I'm sure some players will lament the lack of character sliders and express concern that you can't play Sea of thieves as "yourself" - or as close to yourself as possible, there was an impressive variety to the pirates on show, although some looked, frankly, ridiculous (old faces on young bodies). I desperately want us to be able to fire other stuff out of cannons, including monkeys and other animals, just because it's fun, right?

Even the most minimum of requirements is not too much to ask for in this day and age so a lot of people should be able to run it just fine on their machines. You can also take the visual fidelity as high as you'd like, as evidenced by the spec sheet for the game provided by the studio. "Obviously when you put it down it'll come back". 100 per cent, if you want to progress in Sea of Thieves, you play the game. "The advantage for us is we build one game that goes to many devices, that's all wrapped up into crossplay, Xbox Play Anywhere, game pass, to give players more choice".

"We're treating this like it's the next big IP for Microsoft", Duncan explained. Sea of Thieves comes out on March 20.

Sea of Thieves PC System Requirements and Recommended Specs Revealed