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Partial solar eclipse 2018

14 Февраля 2018

While the partial solar eclipse will not be visible to Indians, they can enjoy the LIVE web stream of NASA that will showcase this spectacle on NASA's website, Youtube channel and periscope @NASA.

That will be quickly followed by a total lunar eclipse from July 27 to 28 during which totality will last for 103 minutes. In a partial solar eclipse, the moon, Earth and Sun are not exactly lined up, but some part of the moon does cast a shadow on the sun's surface.

"SDO's eclipse season is a three-week period that comes twice a year near the equinoxes, during which Earth blocks SDO's view of the sun for a short while each day", NASA officials wrote in a description of the new imagery, which was released Tuesday (Feb. 13). The first partial solar eclipse of 2018 will be observed on February 15th and sadly as per astrological predictions this eclipse will not be visible in India. The entire eclipse will take 2 hours.

The eclipse will happen on February 15 and will be visible across South America and Antarctica, according to Time and Date, giving viewers in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, southern Brazil, and southern Paraguay the chance to witness the sight. India would however not be able to see the solar eclipse that would take place tomorrow and also the one on August 11, 2018. In fact, we're facing a bit of a solar-eclipse dry spell in the aftermath of the "Great American Total Solar Eclipse" last August.

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What time can the partial solar eclipse be seen?

'Most spacecraft observing the Sun from an orbit around Earth have to contend with such eclipses.

"The point of maximum eclipse - where observers will see the most coverage of the face of the sun - will be on the coast of Antarctica, east of the Antarctic Peninsula, so the nearest inhabited areas are research bases". Then, the end of the eclipse will be visible in Uruguay, Argentina, southern Chile, far western Paraguay, and far southern Brazil. This includes two big cities, Buenos Aries and Montevideo. The eclipse will reach its maximum at 8:51 PM and the last location to see the partial eclipse would be at 10:47 PM.

This transit happened at the start of the eclipse season for the SDO. But don't expect to see much. Though it is a partial Solar eclipse but the effects will be same as the Total Solar eclipse. "Even there it's going to be a really thin, not really noticeable", Wright said.

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Partial solar eclipse 2018