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Instagram tests screenshot alerts for Stories

14 February 2018

Notably, the feature now appears only to be in the testing phase and the decision to roll it out publicly might be taken after user engagement is judged in the limited rollout.

The petition states that instead of making the app easier the update has made the app and many of its offered features more hard. The feature is also no different from the way that Snapchat already operates.

Virtually every app redesign triggers a negative reaction from some users, as Facebook and Instagram have seen. It has been in the process of rolling out a redesigned app that, by separating content created by friends and family from professionally produced content, is meant to make Snapchat more accessible to a broader audience.

Snapchat logo on a smartphone.

Recently, Snapchat has made many of its users angry and slightly confused with their new interface update.

But a flurry of Twitter comments took issue with the update to Snapchat, which has become a favourite of teens for its disappearing messages but also offers content from various media partners.

This Snapchat update is the worst thing to happen since U2's album downloaded on everyone's phone. Now if say, your grandma, wants to check out what's happening downtown she can fire up the ol' desktop, head to and watch app user's uploaded snaps.

But the Snapchat support team tweeted that "unofficial workarounds to change the way Snapchat looks are temporary and can result in getting permanently locked out of your account or losing Memories". A global researching firm eMarketer informed that Facebook does have monthly new users but those are of a higher age group.

"It's very possible that once they get used to the new way the app is laid out, they will use it just as heavily as before".

The new feature is similar to what Snapchat has done, adding to the long list of features Instagram has "mirrored", most notably Stories and filters in Stories.The Verge has noted that some users switched from Snapchat to Instagram because they wanted to get away from screenshot alerts.

Instagram tests screenshot alerts for Stories