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Google planning to embrace the notch with the next iteration of Android

14 February 2018

Now, Bloomberg is reporting that Google is trying to make sure these smartphone designs with notch on top play well with Android P, the next major version of Android.

The report mentions that Google has revamped Android's status bar for being compatible with phone designs inspired by Apple's iPhone X.

The iPhone X has popularized the "notch" for bezel-less smartphones. Unfortunately, given the historically fragmented nature of Android development, it's unlikely that most Android devices (unless they have the phrase "Google Pixel" in their name) on the market today will actually get Android P updates. So rather than fight it, Android P is just going to embrace it.

On May 8, Google will start this year's Google I/O developers conference, where the company will show off a variety of things, including the newest version of Android.

Bloomberg reports that Google's aim with the next Android version is to improve the overall look of the software to entice more iPhone owners to jump ship.

Several Android handset manufacturers will allegedly adopt a notch as part of their designs, even though Apple has been criticised by some for its design choice.

While there's already one notched Android phone available, along with an app that brings the iPhone X's screen deformity to your Android phone, this is no doubt a sign that more OEMs are about to follow in Apple's footsteps. Developers will reportedly be able to integrate Google Assistant into their apps.

The dramatic redesign will be a contrast this year to the iPhone's operating system, which will lack a clear outward-facing upgrade in favor of system improvements for performance and reliability, Bloomberg News has reported. The company may have also thought about integrating the search bar on the Android home screen with Assistant.

There's no saying, however, whether Fuchsia and Android P are the same; Android P will likely be released towards the end of the year, while Fuchsia might still be a long way off.

Google planning to embrace the notch with the next iteration of Android