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Fortnite: Epic announces a string of updates

14 February 2018

For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the title, Epic games will be releaseing a 60 fps mode that is "tuned for each console to maximize frame rate while minimizing loss of visual quality".

"Next week we'll be putting our first weapon (SMG) into the Vault", the announcement read. Unlike Battle Royale players, however, Save the World players will be receiving a special Valentine's themed quest called "A Love Story".

Epic Games teased the key changes and improvements to expect once Fortnite: Battle Royale gets the next round of feature updates.

This will enable them to manage the weapon pool and ensure that there is not an overflow of options within the game. The developer has since expanded on what this means exactly. "And of course, items will often come back out of the Vault when the timing is right".

Variants of the weapon will remain, and the "Tactical SMG and the Suppressed SMG will still drop", according to a post by Epic on Reddit, but the basic model is going away for a still-to-be-determined period of time.

In addition to the questions about the SMG and the vaulting process, some players have already expressed qualms with matchmaking balance tweaks, another idea that was briefly brought up in the initial post that laid out future plans. Now that may sound great on paper, but it can also lead to a game's downfall if they cannot accommodate the growing number of players, which is why Epic Games, in their continued act of transparency, has revealed some changes in their plans for "Fortnite" now that it is clear that, if they do nothing, it will grow out of control.

Epic games is also looking to improve the load times for the game, as the developer is testing and bug fixing improvements that allow for better streaming of the game with less hitches.

Epic admits that there still needs to be a lot more done when it comes to server optimization for the Battle Royale survival game, especially after just recently having to deal with more server issues a week ago.

Fortnite: Epic announces a string of updates