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Exhausted of texting? Google tests robot to chat with friends for you

14 February 2018

Smart Reply has become one of the most useful features in Gmail, especially for those with a lot of inbound, or who answer a lot of their emails on the go where typing out responses is more cumbersome.

The included screenshots in Reply's announcement (delivered to testers via email) show Reply working within Google Hangouts and Android Messages. These responses are short and created to be quick, making replying certain emails a lot faster.

If you happen to use Gmail, Inbox, Google Allo, or Android Messages on Project Fi, you no doubt know (and love!) Smart Reply.

According to a test sign-up form for Reply, the feature will be available on chat apps including Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Line, and WeChat. There is also the question of whether or not other developers want to integrate Google's features into their apps or if it would be better to develop their own, but what do you guys think? An example would be receiving messages while driving; using your phone's Global Positioning System and Bluetooth sensors, Smart Reply would know you are in your vehicle. Reply will also include a Do Not Disturb mode which will silence the phone when driving, instead offering a reply to say you're driving. It will not be a stand-alone app but it will be integrated into the app so that people can quickly respond to incoming messages. Through its Area 120 incubator, Google hopes to bring its AI-driven technology to other chat applications in the future. Reply will be able to interpret that as a reason to push that notification through to the user. Also, when a user gets an urgent message, Reply will ensure that the notification gets the user's attention even if their phone is silent.

I'll send it to you.

The project, called simply "Reply", has come from Google's experimental product workshop, Area 120.

Android Messages has already started rolling support for the new feature but only for select users. However, it also raises several concerns about privacy. "Like all other projects within Area 120, it's a very early experiment so there aren't many details to share right now".

Exhausted of texting? Google tests robot to chat with friends for you