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Couple sells all to sail the world, boat sinks on day 2

14 February 2018

The couple was only two days into the adventure of a lifetime, when they're dream boat hit something in the water, and capsized, leaving everything but the dog, a little cash and their social security cards to float away, at their fingertips.

They stayed with family until they found a sailboat flawless for them: a 28-foot 1969 Columbia. "It was everything we could've asked for it to be".

Now, it could cost thousands to remove Lagniappe from the channel.

"How can we live our lives when we're working most of the day and you have to pay so much just to live?"

The couple moved onto the 28-foot boat, which was in the marina of Tarpon Springs, a town on Florida's Gulf Coast, and lived there for months with their two-year-old pug, Remy, while they stocked up on food and supplies. "Then that happens", he said.

"The next day we motored into Johns Pass to anchor for the night and ran into a submerged object in the water and our dreams and hard work sank beneath us so fast".

Broadwell said Walsh, who was helping him navigate the boat with a light, was almost thrown from the deck.

With the Lagniappe sinking in water that was only about 9 feet deep, Sea Tow was unable to reach them in the shallow water.

'I know I probably sounded like a insane person to them, ' Walsh said. "I'm shaking trying to dial the number".

Walsh and Broadwell returned to the boat the next day to see if anything was salvageable. Broadwell's mother helped them get an Uber, which took them to a cheap motel.

The couple said they lost everything except a few important papers, but they said they're not giving up their dreams.

"Travel and do things on our own terms when we wanted to, thought what better way to do it than with a sailboat", said Broadwell.

"We can't just give up on our dreams", Walsh added.

"We've also had several experienced captains hit that from time to time when there's been big storms and they try to get into the inlet and they don't hit the buoy just right", said Kenny Keen, a local charter boat captain.

"It's going to be cool to make it happen after this awful loss", he said.

On Thursday, some of the people they met in Tarpon Springs arrived to help them.

"It brought us even closer together because this is all I have, my family".

"It teaches you a lesson of what really matters to you", Broadwell said.

Couple sells all to sail the world, boat sinks on day 2