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Bichon frise named America's top dog

14 February 2018

Fans who had been loudly shouting for their favorites fell into stunned silence when judge Betty-Anne Stenmark announced her choice. Flynn's registered name is apparently "Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love".

"It's just magical", the dog's handler, Bill McFadden, told a reporter for Fox Sports.

McFadden said he believed this would be Flynn's final year at the competition.

More than 2,880 dogs representing 201 breeds and varieties competed in this year's Westminster Kennel Club contest, touted by organizers as America's second-oldest sporting event after the Kentucky Derby.

Flynn's competition included a regal Borzoi named "Lucy", a Border Collie named "Slick" and the nation's top ranked dog, a Giant Schnauzer named "Ty" who leaped onto his handler in glee when he was picked as runner up to Flynn.

Ty, a Giant Schnauzer, with handler Katie Bernardin, won the working breed category.

It might not be a win, but for a local dog breeder, it's close enough.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is really for people of all ages, and a lot of times it starts at a young age.

The two-day Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show drew challengers from 50 states and 16 other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Australia and China, the Westminster Kennel Club said in a statement.

"I love all dogs, both purebreds and crossbreds alike, but this is a special celebration of purebred dogs, the best of the best, purposely bred by responsible dog breeders", Stenmark said, to applause from the crowd.

Flynn took home the top prize at the 142nd Westminster Dog Show in New York City sporting a fluffy coat that looked like a cross between a cloud and cottonballs after showing off his jaunty walk and happy demeanor.

The loudest laughs went to "Bean", a Sussex Spaniel which frequently interrupted its stride to recline on its posterior in exchange for a treat, a ritual that its handler said is characteristic of the breed.

A female German shepherd named Rumor was named Best in Show at last year's competition.

Bichon frise named America's top dog