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Trump questions whether Israel, Palestinians ready to make peace

12 February 2018

Trump triggered global anger even from some allies when he defied advice against recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital by moving the American embassy there, a move analysts said had undone decades of efforts to foster peace in the region.

"I think it should be a bipartisan issue", Danon said Friday.

"The Palestinian side insists of forming a multilateral approach to overlook the peace process with the Israeli side" in an attempt to disregard the U.S. from its former role in the peace process, he said.

"Since he took office, Trump's decisions on the Palestinian cause - recognizing Jerusalem to be the capital [of Israel] and cutting aid, which was the largest package to UNRWA [UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees] - are created to liquidate the Palestinian cause". "Not only is Jerusalem obviously and objectively the capital of the state of Israel since its creation over 60 years ago but it is the ancient capital of the Jewish peoples", Kenney said.

Russian Federation already looking to interfere in 2018 midterms Dems pick up deep-red legislative seat in Missouri Speier on Trump's desire for military parade: "We have a Napoleon in the making" MORE said in an interview published on Sunday that both Israelis and Palestinians are playing roles in hindering peace in the region. "So we are just going to have to see what happens", he said.

Trump also said the Israeli settlements in the West Bank "complicate" matters, stating that Israel "needs to act with caution on the topic of settlements".

Palestinians want the West Bank as part of a future independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital. After Trump's announcement there was immediate criticism from many of Canada's allies, who anxious that the move would create instability and a barrier to peaceful settlement. "But it was a very important pledge that I made and I fulfilled my pledge", Trump said. And I think it was a very important point.

"I would like to re-assure our commitment to political action and negotiations as a means of achieving our national goals to freedom and independence in accordance with the two-state solution along the lines of 1967 and internationally legitimate resolutions so that both Palestine and Israel can co-exist in peace and security, provided that East Jerusalem is the Capital of the state of Palestine", Abbas said at a joint press statement with Prime Minister Modi. I have been thanked and in some cases not thanked, to be 100 percent honest about it.

Trump questions whether Israel, Palestinians ready to make peace