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RSS chief's comment on army tantamount to sedition, says Pinarayi Vijayan

12 February 2018

Congress President Rahul Gandhi hit out at Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat for his controversial remark on Army and called his speech an insult to every Indian.

While RSS leaders frequently resort to war-like rhetoric against "enemy states", Bhagwat went a step further and compared his organisation's skills with the Indian army. The BJP, which rules at the Centre and is reportedly guided by the RSS ideology, hasn't yet reacted to the statement of the RSS chief.

CPI-M leader and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said Bhagwat's comments on the Indian Army were "in poor taste, against Constitutional propriety". The parallel army he is talking about is what we have always warned against: Hindu Terror.

"His statement exposes the RSS's hidden agenda to float parallel militias to wreak havoc and crush national unity. Swayamsewak will be ready to take on the front if the country faces such a situation and Constitution permits to do so".

He added that Baghwat never made a comparison between the Army and the RSS but it was a comparison between the Swayamsevaks (RSS volunteers) and the general society. Bhagwat was also in praise of the military-like discipline that the RSS cadres had been getting accustomed to for many years now. But we have discipline like the military.

Mohan Bhagwat's comments have been criticized from politicians, as he has been told to have disrespected the Indian Army by claiming that the members of his party can form a force in just three days while it is going to take the Indian Army six months to do the same. In emergency situation (not Congress emergency), every Indian must volunteer to stand with Defence Forces. "Both are to be trained by the Indian Army only", Vaidya said. "RSS workers are ready to happily sacrifice their lives for the nation in times of crisis", he said in his speech at the Zilla School grounds in Muzaffarpur. In his tweets, Rijiju reiterated what the RSS had clarified and turned the tables on the Congress, claiming that it wanted to divide the army on religious lines in the past.

RSS chief's comment on army tantamount to sedition, says Pinarayi Vijayan