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Peter Rabbit is 'food bully' for throwing blackberries

12 February 2018

The makers of Peter Rabbit have apologised amid backlash over a particular scene that's offended allergy sufferers and advocacy groups alike. The attack forces McGregor, who has a berry allergy, to use an EpiPen to treat a severe allergic reaction.

There's a film version of Peter Rabbit about to hit the cinemas and it's already going down badly with a certain subset of USA audiences, with parents reacting with horror to a sequence where the CG animals torture one of the woodland friends' human accomplices by purposefully triggering his allergy.

In a joint statement released last night, Sony Pictures and the filmmakers said they "should not have made light" of the issue.

And because it's a kid's movie, many parents are upset at Peter Rabbit for joking about a medical condition that, according to Kids With Food Allergies, affects one in 13 children. "It is unnecessary for a film to show the characters intentionally attacking another with his food allergen to trigger anaphylaxis", Mendez said. Parents should be aware of this before your children see the movie so you can talk with your child (ren) about it.

On Friday, a charity group called Kids with Food Allergies posted a warning about the scene on Facebook.

Blending live action with CGI animation, Peter Rabbit is the latest adaptation of Beatrix Potter's stories and features James Corden voicing her best-known character in a starring role.

"During a reaction, patients require the life-saving drug epinephrine and must go to the nearest hospital for follow-up treatment", it said.

They added: "We sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue, and we truly apologise".

A petition calling for Sony Pictures to apologise quickly attracted over 9,000 signatures.

"Making light of this condition hurts our members because it encourages the public not to take the risk of allergic reactions seriously". 'We will keep you updated on our actions on this issue'.

The hashtag #boycottpeterrabbit has also kicked off on social media.

"At least based on its trailer, the "Peter Rabbit" film appears to have been aggressively engineered to make people sad", a reviewer said then.

Peter Rabbit is 'food bully' for throwing blackberries