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Kylie shares a cute photo of her baby girl's hand

12 February 2018

Stormi's name was still unknown at that point and fans were speculating that she and rapper beau Travis Scott would name her Butterfly or some variant that had to do with butterflies.

This led to the theory that Kylie would name her daughter "Butterfly" or "Posie" (short for Mariposa - which is Spanish for butterfly, and also a lip kit name).

The photo she shared of Stormi Webster on her Instagram account - after being born on 1 February - has broken a record for gaining the most "Likes" in the format's history and now stands at a whopping 15.8 million. They had both made multiple butterfly references over the last few months on social media, and Travis even released a popular song last summer called "Butterfly Effect".

"Kylie and Travis are not officially living together", a source told People.

Hollywood reality model and sexy model Kylie Jenner has just given birth to a cute baby.

In another interesting twist, Kylie previously admitted to being "terrified" of butterflies on her E! docu-series Life of Kylie previous year. Here she says, "It's kinda just ironic that I am terrified, terrified, of butterflies. They're just enjoying their little family".

Anyone who can do basic maths can see that Kylie conceived Stormi around the end of April, which makes the question of who her father is a hotly debated topic. "It's literally a bug".

Kylie shares a cute photo of her baby girl's hand