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Was there a cyberattack at the Olympic opening ceremony?

11 February 2018

Kim Yo Jong told Moon, "I hope we will meet in Pyongyang as soon as possible", it also said.

Some local media reported system problems, including the Games website and some television sets, were due to a cyberattack but Sung said it was still too early to determine whether hackers had attempted to damage them.

These officials said that while Pence did not greet Kim Yong Nam, he didn't deliberately skip over him. The U.S. and the North should quickly resume dialogue, he said.

After a chaotic year of nuclear war threats and missile tests from the North, it was a striking visual moment. The night before, Kim and other North Korean delegates attended the opening ceremony of the Olympics, watching a "unified" Korean team march under a banner showing an undivided Korean Peninsula.

Pence arrived late and stayed for just five minutes - and did not interact with the delegation from the North - at a Friday VIP reception for delegation leaders.

Kim Yo-jong is the only member of the North's ruling family to have visited the South since the end of the war.

"We don't do such treacherous and dirty things exploiting sports festivals for political purposes like the U.S. does", it insisted. The United States fought with South Korea and maintains tens of thousands of troops and an "ironclad" agreement to protect its ally.

Past administrations have been wary of efforts by Pyongyang to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul, but still generally supportive of efforts to calm tensions at the heavily militarized border that divides the Koreas.

Kim Jong Un's decision to dispatch his sister to the games indicated he is keen to mend ties with Seoul, while testing the unity among South Korea, the United States and Japan over sanctions imposed on the North over its missile and nuclear programs. North Korea has jumped at the opportunity. "But he stayed there the entire time. and talked to Moon and Abe and their spouses, and the North Koreans sat in the back and didn't talk to anybody, and that image is telling". "I mean we get along personally, and I believe Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, if they talk, they'd probably get along". International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach then handed the podium to Mr Moon, who declared the Olympics officially open.

"It's not a complete disaster", said James Schoff, former senior Pentagon adviser for East Asia policy.

Mr Pence, in a media interview Friday, said that the USA is fully prepared to defend its allies South Korea and Japan, and will continue to exert diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea while "preserving all of our military options".

The sight of North and South Koreans marching together for the first time in a decade was the culmination of months of work by Seoul.