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Tom Brady documentary delayed by Super Bowl loss

11 February 2018

So will every member of the Eagles' staunch defense and every other player who helped bring the franchise its first Lombardi Trophy. "In the hours after the Super Bowl victory, fans overturned a vehicle, shattered storefront windows, ate horse feces, collapsed a hotel's awning and hit the police commissioner in the head with a bottle".

Another Quarterback that is expected to be a hot topic of conversation this offseason is Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles.

"I promise this ain't going to be the last time we're partying on Broad Street", tight end Zach Ertz said.

A hungry dog runs faster, right?

For all you Eagles fans out there, that should make you extra happy: Not only did your favorite team win the Super Bowl, but they also threw a giant wrench into the release timeline for Brady's documentary. "It's a hungry dog", Kelce said. "But watching that play unfold during an actual game, during the Super Bowl of all places, I was just in awe to see them execute that". The backfield of Carson Wentz and Jay Ajayi has room to grow together, and the team still has a first-round talent in Sidney Jones stowed away from previous year to bolster the ranks.

"We are not done yet", Pederson chimed in. If Foles doesn't have starter aspirations and wants to stay, they pretty much have to keep him.

Brady drew criticism when he walked off the field without shaking the hot hand of Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, who outdueled Brady in one of the most prolific quarterback battles in Super Bowl history. Foles affords the Eagles the luxury of taking their time with Wentz, without sacrificing the 2018 season.

Wilmington, Del. marketing agency Aloysius Butler & Clark earlier this month entered into a wager with Boston's Small Army where the agency whose National Football League team wins Super Bowl LII will get a paid congratulatory, full-page advertisement in their city's major newspaper, courtesy of the losing city's agency.

"I hope y'all can get used to this", was how Wentz capped his short speech before a mic drop. The offense seemed to be struggling just a little and they were forced into a 4th and one situation on their own 45 yard line with five minutes and 39 seconds to go.

Tom Brady documentary delayed by Super Bowl loss