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Syria Downs Israeli F16 Jet, Pilots Safe, Israeli Army Says

11 February 2018

Putin and Netanyahu held their conversation amid a sharp deterioration of the situation on the Israeli-Syrian border after an Iranian drone had been shot down in the Israeli airspace.

Syrian state media said the later raids targeted military positions in the south of the country.

The statement concludes: "The IDF will act determinately against such severe violations of Israeli sovereignty by Iran and Syria and will continue to act as necessary".

After shooting down and retrieving an alleged Iranian drone in its airspace early Saturday morning, Israel first struck what it claimed was an Iranian drone control facility near the Syrian city of Palmyra.

A picture taken in Kibbutz Harduf in northern Israel on February 10, 2018, shows the remains of an Israel F-16 that crashed after coming under fire by Syrian air defenses.

"The Syrians and the Iranians are playing with fire". It stressed the need to respect the sovereignty of "Syria and other nations in the region". Iran rejected the Israeli version of events as "ridiculous". Iran's military chief warned Israel last October against breaching Syrian airspace and territory. "Iran seeks to use Syrian territory to attack Israel for its professed goal of destroying Israel", Netanyahu said. He said: This will be seen as Iranian aggression.

Further attacks were carried out against four additional Iranian targets and eight Syrian sites.

"We share the concerns of many throughout the region that Iran's destabilising activities ... threaten global peace and security, and we seek greater worldwide resolve in countering Iran's malign activities", Rankine-Galloway said. "Our air defences confronted it and hit more than one plane", the unidentified military source said.

"They want to turn Syria into an Iranian base from which they can threaten Israel both with their military capabilities and with their terror-supported capabilities", he explained.

"We are ready to exact a very heavy price towards anyone who acts against us, but our intentions are not towards an escalation", Manelis said. Israel fears that their increased involvement in Syrian territory could lead to attacks and pave the way for easy weapons transfer to the Hezbollah from Iran to Lebanon.

Netanyahu has been seeking to persuade Russian Federation to limit Iran's presence near Israeli territory and to stop it from entrenching itself militarily in Syria.

Israel seized the strategic plateau from Syria in the 1967 war and fought off an invasion there in 1973.

Syria Downs Israeli F16 Jet, Pilots Safe, Israeli Army Says