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Heading home, Pence asserts unity on pressuring North Korea

11 February 2018

She is also the first member of North Korea's ruling family to visit the South since the Korean War.

Switzerland's Alina Muller nearly single-handedly spoiled Korea's Olympic unity moment on Saturday, scoring four goals to power the Swiss to an 8-0 win over Korea's unified women's ice hockey team. It was their first joint march since 2007.

The North initially had no athletes coming to the Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee allowed 22 as special entries.

The moment was too important to be overshadowed by a loss. She actually lit the cauldron as the home crowd roared.

It was the USA that appeared to be the one left in the cold, especially after the sister of the North Korean dictator extended an invitation from her brother for Moon to visit the North.

Analysts say that the missiles, which were successfully flight tested three times past year, could potentially reach deep into the United States mainland when perfected.

The two Koreas held a series of high-ranking and working-level talks on the matter, which came after years of hiatus caused by the North's continued missile and nuclear provocations.

Critics believe North Korea is trying to use the global stage to gain sympathy and ease punishing economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure over its nuclear weapons program. The North also previous year conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date.

Moon is eager to use Kim's presence at the games to restore regular communication with North Korea and eventually pull it into nuclear talks.

For now, America seems unlikely to come to the negotiating table with North Korea at the Olympics.

"The participants in the opening ceremony warmly encouraged the players of the north and the south who were marching together, holding the flag of the Korean peninsula bearing the Korean map".

Still, the Koreans were playing the world's sixth-ranked team.

North Korea's nominal head of state Kim Yong Nam also partook in the luncheon with Moon, CBS News' Jacqueline Alemany reports.

The North Koreans, dressed in identical garb, cheered in careful coordination.

Still, it wouldn't be South Korea if people weren't asking the perennial question when it comes to North Korea changing gears and showering its rival with apparent affection: What's in it for Pyongyang?

Pyeongchang was not supposed to share the spotlight with Pyongyang. The North, meanwhile, insisted it has "no intention to meet the United States side".

Inbee Park's gold-medal winning performance in golf's return to the Olympics in 2016-combined with her 18 LPGA wins and seven majors-raised her already well-known profile in her native South Korea.

Though South Korea is hosting the Winter Olympic Games for the first time, the nation has some experience in the world of worldwide athletics, having hosted the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul. A few years later, the discovery of the huge progress Pyongyang had been surreptitiously making on its nuclear programs plunged the Korean Peninsula into crisis.

North Korea's decision to participate has eased tensions after months of saber rattling and missile and nuclear tests that have raised fears it's closer-than-expected to achieving its goal of developing a nuclear weapon that could reach the USA mainland.

A massive military parade in Pyongyang on the eve of the just-opened Pyeongchang Games has been used as Exhibit A by skeptics. What's certain is that these Games, more so than any in recent memory, are about far more than sports.

Heading home, Pence asserts unity on pressuring North Korea