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Disney World and Disneyland Are Raising Prices Once Again

11 February 2018

Walt Disney World and Disneyland raised ticket prices on Sunday. New admission prices to the theme park - a popular destination during Mardi Gras for many in the New Orleans area - are effective Sunday (Feb. 11).

One-day "regular" park tickets at Disney World's Magic Kingdom will go up by $4 to $119 for adults and $113 for children. A value ticket costs $109, a $2 increase from 2017.

Read the Orlando Sentinel's entire story.

"Peak" prices will be set at $129 for an adult and $123 for a child.

Disney has a number of different ticket options at their parks, including annual passes, two-to-five day passes and state-specific passes that benefit state residents in California and Florida. "Regular" time will be $114 for adults and $108 for kids, while "peak" time tops out at $122 for adults and $116 for kids.

Disneyland is holding the value-season price for a one-day, one-park ticket steady at $97 and is actually dropping the price of a one-day Park Hopper on value-season days by $10, from $157 to $147. The premium Platinum pass now costs Floridians $729, up from $679.

We have been telling you for a couple of weeks now - if it's February, it must be time for Disney's annual ticket price increases.

Some Disney fans say that it is becoming too expensive to visit the parks. You pay more when the park expects bigger crowds because Disney is trying to steer you toward less-busy days to even its crowds through the year.

The tiered pricing by peak and value will continue this year. Standard parking will now cost $22 per day, while preferred parking will cost $45 per day. The program is created to entice guests to visit the parks in the United States during less busy times of the year.

Disney World and Disneyland Are Raising Prices Once Again