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Kingdom Hearts III trailer reveals Monsters Inc

10 February 2018

Fans of Kingdom Hearts got a little something to be excited about during the D23 Expo.

The world of Monsters Inc. is coming to Kingdom Hearts III.

Also during the event, Square Enix revealed some further details about the game. After this encounter, there's a brief switch to the world of Toy Story, before we're thrust into the brand new Monster's Inc world, complete with an endearing introduction to Mike, Sulley, and Boo.

A new trailer was shown off during the show, which you can view right down below. According to the publisher, the game's Gummi Ship sections will now be split into two distinct open-world phases; exploration and battle.

Square Enix also confirmed that Utada Hikaru will be returning for the third game's theme song, which is called "Don't Think Twice". Development is now split into three distinct sections: Early, middle, and late. Each section will have bout 3 worlds each but the developer stated that this does not mean there are only nine worlds within the game.

Square also used the conference to discuss other elements of Kingdom Hearts 3. It didn't reveal at what stage the Late phase worlds are. He also stated that "It is bound to surprise everyone".

Release date to be announced at E3 2018.

There's been a whole bunch of rumours going around about what kind of worlds we'll get to see in Kingdom Hearts III when it launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year, and they've just grown stronger over the last few weeks.

Kingdom Hearts III trailer reveals Monsters Inc