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Canadian PM Trudeau meets with Gov. Brown

10 February 2018

Trudeau was also reportedly meeting with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in San Francisco, indicating that he's ramping up efforts to get the company's second headquarters in Toronto, the only shortlisted Canadian company on Amazon's radar.

Trudeau, who is on a four-day trip to the US, will travel about 40 miles to visit Los Angeles on Friday. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, and is expected to discuss matters such a political and trade ties between California and Canada.

Trump called the 24-year-old agreement a job-killing "disaster" on the campaign trail, and he has threatened to pull out unless the deal requires more auto production in the US, while shifting additional government contracts to USA companies. Trudeau said his father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, had a more nuanced relationship with Reagan, but one that was no less constructive - similar to the younger Trudeau's relationship with Trump.

Canada's economy has been hot, leading the Group of Seven in growth in 2017 though it's forecast to slip to third place this year as risks mount, including a slowdown in spending by the nation's highly indebted consumers and the country's struggle to build the infrastructure to get its oil to market.

Trudeau promoted his country's fast-track employment permit for certain workers, dubbed the "global skills strategy visa".

During a town hall meeting in Edmonton, Mr Trudeau interrupted a woman after she used the word "mankind", saying he preferred "peoplekind".

Salesforce has announced that it will inject $2 billion to its Canadian scheme of things in the coming five years.

Trudeau declined to talk about specifics, but said Canada wants an agreement that is "win-win-win" for all three countries.

Canadian affinity has been a part of many other US-based tech companies.

"We need to collectively do a much better job of ensuring the benefits of trade are shared more broadly to more people", he said.

Negotiators from the U.S., Mexico and Canada recently finished their sixth round of talks on NAFTA.

Later Friday, Trudeau will deliver an address at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Trudeau's vehicle was not involved and the motorcade continued. He was asked about a USA push for Canada to raise the de minimis threshold, in effect allowing more online shopping to be done tax-free - a move that would help Amazon.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has admitted he should not be making stupid jokes in public after a quip last week prompted the scorn of conservative commentators in the United States and elsewhere.

Canadian PM Trudeau meets with Gov. Brown