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'I had no idea my print was for Justin Timberlake'

09 February 2018

Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl halftime show on February 4 fired up big streaming gains for the artist, according to Nielsen Music.

"That would have been my worst nightmare", noted Super Bowl presenter Mark Chapman afterwards.

The show ended with an energetic rendition of "Can't Stop the Feeling" from Timberlake's latest movie, "Trolls". "I've got like 36 Snapchats, like 21 DMs, and like 150 follower requests on Instagram".

If there was one memorable moment it was what didn't have to do with JT's music but with his virtual duet with the late Prince in honor of the Super Bowl being held in Minneapolis, Prince's hometown.

Originally, a Prince hologram was supposed to appear on stage with Timberlake.

However, Timberlake's choice of making use of a hologram is being questioned and criticized by fans, especially since Prince had expressed his distaste for depicting performers in holograms in the past, stating that such a thing is "the most demonic imaginable". One, he headlined the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday, which helped promote the second reason - Timberlake's fifth studio album, Man of the Woods, dropped last week.

This was Timberlake's third appearance at the Super Bowl, following his 2001 performance with N-Sync and his 2004 performance with Janet Jackson (maybe you know it better as the Super Bowl "Nipplegate").

He first performed with NSYNC back in 2001. Then I immediately closed the Spotify app, set my phone down, left my dorm room in London, got on a plane and just left the country.

A hologram of Prince did not show up but there was an image of him projected onto the stage.

Before Justin's Super Bowl gig it was rumored that he'd perform with a hologram depicting Prince, however the Purple Rain's ex-bandmate Sheila E denied this, writing on Twitter, "There is no hologram". It was a good show - not an all-timer, but certainly worthy of the moment. You get the point.

They're thankful for people like their high school band director, Scheele, who said he watched the show last night beaming with pride.

"Midnight Summer Jam" has a Hispanic flair that could come from the Southwest; "Supplies" liberally lifts from the Atlanta trap rap sound; "Say Something", featuring Chris Stapleton, is the only track that feels authentic to the Tennessee roots Timberlake seems so proud of.

However, because of how he laid out his performance, Timberlake was able to mesh live vocals - real singing, not just occasional interjections - with pre-recorded music, which is not easy and usually obvious to the listening audience.

'I had no idea my print was for Justin Timberlake'