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BC won't boycott Alberta beef amidst trade spat with our neighbours: Horgan

08 February 2018

However, Anderson said he has communicated to Horgan that the province is over-stepping its bounds.

"I hope that we would see the end of the back-and-forth", he told a news conference in Victoria. "It's well known that premier Notley and I have been friends in the past". In 2009, Alberta and B.C. agreed to an inter-provincial agreement allowing the trade of wine.

"We need to stop this wine war, as it doesn't benefit anyone and only threatens more jobs", said Ben Stewart, the opposition B.C. Liberals' by-election candidate for Kelowna-West, at the heart of the province's wine country.

President Ian Anderson, who has led the proposal to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline through years of erratic B.C. politics, said the project is staying the course - even if it's moving forward at a slower pace than he or his investors would like.

Alberta businesses are split on the government's decision to boycott British Columbia wines, with support for the cause clashing with concerns that the move went too far.

Examining the wine side of the equation a little more closely, consider that most of the wine produced in British Columbia is directly or indirectly controlled by three large companies: Arterra Wines Canada, headquartered in Mississauga; Andrew Peller Ltd., headquartered in Grimsby, Ont.; Mission Hill/von Mandl Family Estates, a private entity now controlling approximately 10 per cent of the vineyard acreage in the Okanagan Valley, with principal offices in Kelowna, Vancouver and Toronto.

About 95 per cent of Canadian wine sold in Alberta liquor stores is from B.C.

Notley announced the ban Tuesday in retaliation for a B.C. plan to limit bitumen shipments off its coast, which she has called an attempt to get around federal approval of the pipeline expansion from Alberta to Burnaby.

Trudeau jetted off to Chicago Wednesday morning for the first leg of a US tour where he will discuss how public service can promote closer ties between the USA and Canada.

Tory Leader Andrew Scheer says Trudeau should end his United States trip early and come back to Canada to deal with this.

On Tuesday, Alberta premier Rachel Notley announced an immediate halt of wine imports from its western neighbour.

"I think that asserting their federal jurisdiction in whatever manner they determine is most effective and most appropriate is something I'll be looking for, so that we get past the words of support to the actions of support that we're all chasing hard".

"People that I know in Alberta, they don't agree with this approach".

Speaking in French after the weekly government caucus meeting, Catherine McKenna said things sometimes happen behind closed doors and that solutions are often more easily found without drama.

It's to be hoped Notley's measure sends a sobering message to not only Horgan, but to ordinary British Columbians, about the many ways our economies are connected. The government said it would not tolerate undue delays, but no one knows what that means or what the government is prepared to do, he noted.

"At the end of the day that's secondary to my obligation to the people British Columbia and that's my ultimate focus and my only focus in the days and weeks and months ahead".

Still, Johnson said he feels the optics of the dispute between neighbouring provinces isn't positive.

Horgan proposed to resolve the bitumen dispute in court - an interesting offer since B.C. has thumbed its nose at legal processes, particularly those that didn't end up in its favour, such as the approval of the Trans Mountain expansion by the National Energy Board and then by the federal cabinet.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says increasing regional tensions and economic uncertainty over the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline project should be defused as quickly as possible.

BC won't boycott Alberta beef amidst trade spat with our neighbours: Horgan