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Watch American Airlines passengers brace for emergency landing

19 January 2018

Passenger Steve Ramsthel captured the moment a flight out of Phoenix had to make an emergency landing at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


Passengers on a Mesa Airlines operated flight, a subsidiary of American Airlines, from Phoenix to Dallas can be seen in the video bracing for impact as they huddle against the seats in front of them, new video shows.

"You will be given instructions when to brace", a voice said in the plane's loudspeaker.

A plane was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing last October after the cabin filled with thick black smoke. "Because you disable the pilots".

That's when the flight crew prepared passengers for an emergency landing.

Ramsthel said the plane was quiet as everyone complied with what the flight attendant said.

Flight attendants continue to shout the command to brace as the plane comes in to land.

It's a tense video, but the passengers manage to stay calm throughout the ordeal. "We didn't have a lot of time to ponder about it because it happened so quickly and we were already in that mode to prepare for landing". The adrenaline was high and I think everybody, they just cooperated.

The plane has been inspected, and is now back in service, according to the airline.

American Airlines later released a statement, saying, "A flight made an emergency landing on January 17 due to mechanical issues stemming from a broken fan".

Ramsthel, who was taking a day trip to Dallas, said his return flight home to Scottsdale was less eventful.

Watch American Airlines passengers brace for emergency landing