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Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles Expert Picks and Odds

19 January 2018

After the Eagles scored touchdowns on just 49.1 percent of trips inside the opponent's 20-yard line in 2016, which ranked 24th in the NFL, Philadelphia signed several veteran offensive playmakers to help the cause.

Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson has publicly addressed being "treated like we were the Browns", started a craze for rubber "underdog" masks and even raised tens of thousands of dollars in the name of his team being overlooked following quarterback Carson Wentz's season-ending injury.

How much do you trust Nick Foles in this game? I definitely learned a lot from that. And it's hard to say that anyone did.

If anyone would have predicted a Nick Foles versus Case Keenum NFC Championship showdown before the season started they would have been placed in a straitjacket and put away for a very long time. The Minnesota Vikings are -3 over the Philadelphia Eagles in this game on Sunday. He was skewered for his blocking and physicality in the past - particularly in a game last season against the Cincinnati Bengals - but he's improved in that category this season.

Case Keenum was the starting quarterback almost all season for the Vikings. Few had confidence in him impersonating Wentz.

Philadelphia doesn't need a reason get motivated for this game.

Minnesota, who punched their ticket to the NFC Championship Game with a win over New Orleans, will now travel to a place that they have struggled throughout their history.

Parcells, though, will have no conflicting emotions during the NFC championship game.

Diggs continued his stellar play in the postseason with the spectacular game-winning score against the Saints. For the Philadelphia Eagles, their Super Bowl dreams stayed alive after a nail-biting 15-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons last week at home. Plus, a ticket to the title game.

That's just fine with the Eagles, who embraced their underdog role against sixth-seed Atlanta.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles Expert Picks and Odds
Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles Expert Picks and Odds

Brees eventually set the Saints up with the lead-twice-in the waning minutes of the game. If it's to the run, we'll go play the run.

People are calling the 61-yard walk-off touchdown pass from QB Case Keenum to WR Stefon Diggs the "Minneapolis Miracle".

Last Sunday may have been the best finish to an National Football League playoff game ever!

Cox will play 80 snaps if that's what it takes to dispose of the No. 2 Vikings and reach the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2004 season.

Keenum has been doing all season what Foles has just taken up in recent weeks. According to the National Football League, that's the worst winning percentage (.091) of any team versus one opponent (minimum 10 games) during that span. All who suddenly have been forced to scramble for a backstory on these two career backups.

Minnesota and Philadelphia are among the nine who have gotten there but never won. But this coming Sunday, they each will have to do more.

When the two quarterbacks face off on Sunday, they may have a laugh at the respective paths that got them to the brink of a Super Bowl. Although, that seems unusual to say about a top-seeded team.

Since Zimmer came to Minnesota in 2014, Parcells said he has spoken to him "quite frequently, " and he often has dispensed advice.

Regardless, it will be a highly-contested slugfest. Eagles seeking first Super Bowl appearance in 13 years.

Anticipated, at least, by us, anyway.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles Expert Picks and Odds