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Atlanta Named Finalist In Amazon Headquarter Sweepstakes

19 January 2018

On Thursday, the online retail giant announced that it has culled its list of applicants from 238 to 20.

Somerville will lean on the state to deliver incentives to woo Amazon.

"Amazon is a core Seattle brand", Ives said. Hundreds of cities hoped Amazon would think outside the box, but a desire for talent and a welcoming environment led it to the usual hot spots. Some of that growth came from Amazon's almost $14 billion acquisition previous year of natural foods grocer Whole Foods and its 89,000 employees. Amazon shortlisted 19 cities in the USA and one in Canada.

"Otherwise, there are not too many surprises here", he told CNN Tech.

Some used the rejection as a chance to poke fun at their own cities for failing to make the cut because hey, laughter really is the best medicine.

Detroit's mayor Mike Duggan issued a statement, which he also posted on Twitter.

What do people in the already booming area think of that? From Canada, only Toronto remains in the running.

Cities closer to Kansas City in size and geography had strong urban university systems, which Amazon prioritized in its call for proposals.

Chicago has offered for HQ2 including the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.

Most of the 20 cities are in the Midwest or on the East Coast.

Can Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos weather the Boston chill?

For a metro area that has fashioned itself as being on the rise, Amazon's omission of Kansas City came as something of a body blow.

A Wall Street Journal analysis put Dallas-Fort Worth as being the top contender.


The city wasn't considered a frontrunner in the first round of competition.

Amazon evaluated each of the proposals based on criteria outlined in the request for proposals.

Amazon Web Services, which serves as cloud computing contractor for the federal government, plans to open a corporate campus in nearby Herndon. Details of the city's proposal have not yet been disclosed.

The Washington, D.C. -area scored big. But one major downside is traffic congestion.

Which city will be Amazon's new home?

While the Hogan administration's preference for the Amazon facility was at Port Covington, in Baltimore, which is the site of several redevelopment projects, Hogan pledged to work with Montgomery County Executive Isaiah Leggett (D) during the next phase of the company's search process.

Mr. Simonson's money is on Atlanta, which has both the population and transportation infrastructure to accommodate Amazon's ambitions. At a time when tech growth has slowed in the Bay Area-down by 80 percent over the past two has been surging in many of these cities. Nashville mayor Megan Barry quickly responded to Amazon's announcement on.

The Amazon effort "ratcheted up" cooperation with Winston-Salem Business Inc., Hill said.

The city proposed in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn for HQ2: Midtown West, Long Island City, Brooklyn Tech Triangle and Lower Manhattan.

Orlando wasn't among the finalists, which includes New York City, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Austin, Atlanta and Miami. "You have all these cities that are going to be clawing over each other to outdo themselves", said Levine. The new corporation helped the county develop its proposal to Amazon.

Jerry Brown has offered tax breaks and incentives to Amazon if it chooses a California location for HQ2, including up to $200 million over a five-year period as part of the California Competes Tax Credit program, a streamlined permitting process and up to $100 million in employment training funds over 10 years.

But that doesn't mean a Boston Amazon headquarters would have to go to Suffolk Downs.

The city is home to more than 30 universities including Carnegie Mellon, one of the top engineering schools in the country and a in Uber's self-driving auto research; Google and Facebook also have offices in the city.

Atlanta Named Finalist In Amazon Headquarter Sweepstakes