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Minecraft Boss Now VP Of Microsoft Studios

18 January 2018

Phil Spencer has been synonymous with the Xbox brand for what feels like forever, but Spencer has recently moved into a position where he is planning the grand strategy for games, while ex-Minecraft boss Matt Booty will be in charge of executing said strategy in games publishing.

Booty joined Microsoft in 2010 after spending a decade at Mortal Kombat and Spy Hunter developer Midway Games.

As reported by GamesBeat, Booty will now oversee the overall development and publishing strategy at Microsoft, making the company more agile in the ever-fluctuating world of games. There he started off as a designer, before rising through the ranks as a studio head, SVP worldwide studios and eventually president and CEO.

Booty has been the head of the Minecraft group, and will now replace Spencer in his previous role.

Booty's appointment came as a result of Phil Spencer's promotion to executive vice president in September past year.

Booty, again speaking to Venturebeat, described the new role, and showed respect to what were his fellow studio heads.

"I've worked as a peer with Bonnie [Ross, 343] and Shannon [Loftis, global publishing] and Rod [Ferguson, The Coalition] and Craig [Duncan, Rare], and obviously very closely with Helen [Chiang} as the No. two person on the Minecraft franchise in Redmond", Booty added. Should it work as promised, though, it could lead to faster turnaround times for games and more projects. It's a world-class group of leaders and a world-class collection of studios.

Minecraft Boss Now VP Of Microsoft Studios