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Chris Hemsworth's wife ditches bra in naked illusion dress

18 January 2018

At the world premiere of "12 Strong" at New York's Lincoln Center Tuesday night, Australia-born Chris Hemsworth recalled being impacted by the September 11 attacks that forever changed America.

By putting Chris Hemsworth in charge of the dozen-person Army Special Forces unit at the heart of "12 Strong", director Nicolai Fuglsig and producer Jerry Bruckheimer ensured their war movie would not be marching through any morally ambiguous minefields that would come to surround the War in Afghanistan.

Hemsworth travels a different path in 12 Strong as a Green Beret captain leading his men into battle on horseback over Afghanistan's formidable terrain - the remarkable, previously classified true story of the first soldiers on the ground after 9/11. We don't get to see that much anymore, and when we do, I think it is worth acknowledging.

While Hemsworth was recently seen quite successfully playing a funnier, more accessible Thunder God in "Ragnarok" and spent virtually all of a year ago, as Thor, making two upcoming "Avengers" sequels, he points out that portraying a real-life character like Nutsch/Nelson comes with a different set of considerations.

'I really wanted to be in a place where I'm out of reach to the media ... and in Byron we just feel like locals'. It is also important to add that Elsa Pataky plays Mitch's wife opposite her real-life husband, Chris Hemsworth. These 12 men were not ordered to go; they volunteered for the mission, leaving their families behind willing to face the unknown. They were soldiers who are now refugees.

The heroes may be deserving, but the story does them a severe disservice by feeling like a celebration of the lone victory of the Donald Rumsfeld era, with no acknowledgement of the debacle that era turned out to be or why. The heroic tale of a group of soldiers at the center of 12 Strong is just such a tale. "We just wrapped Avengers 4, so that's kind of it now".

Based on the non-fiction book “Horse Soldiers” by Doug Stanton, “12 Strong is all set to hit the screens two days from now.

"You have this wealth of knowledge at your fingertips that you don't when you're inventing a character, so to speak", Hemsworth says.

Chris regaled the hilarious story during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring this Wednesday. "It was essential to portray this story with any real truth". It's a rousing movie, but not what you'd call a very introspective one.

Mitch stands firm, though, demanding that the man deal with him and working to earn his respect throughout the course of "12 Strong", even while not altogether trusting the warlord and butting heads with him regularly. Sometimes those movies are great like American Sniper and Zero Dark Thirty.