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Stardew Valley multiplayer co-op 'underlying network code is solid'

16 January 2018

We've been hearing about the multiplayer update coming to indie favorite Stardew Valley for some time now, but details have been scarce. "It still needs some work, but the underlying network code is solid". It sounds like it's shaping up well too: "Being in the same room and yelling at each other about what to do next, or if anyone has any stone, is great fun". "Can't wait to share this", he captioned the image on the tweet. So if you're wondering, yes, multiplayer works online in addition to LAN.

Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone, the sole developer behind Stardew Valley, has revealed that his attention is now fully on finishing the multiplayer component of Stardew Valley's incoming update.

The "new content" that Barone spoke of was teased back in November and again in December with a tweet that said there would be something included in the multiplayer update for the game's single-player mode as well. There's four characters in the shot, which comes from a LAN party that Barone hosted. Stardew Valley is a game that lends itself well to this type of gameplay, so it'll be awesome to see this mode finally come to fruition. This makes sense considering that a scenario in which four players huddle up together in one screen would probably be cumbersome and not that enjoyable. Chopping sceneries to accommodate different player windows would probably truncate the fun of the game. The mode was announced a year ago. Also, the rest of the upcoming content is apparently finished, so the only thing that's left is fine-tuning the multiplayer. It's also coming to PlayStation Vita sometime this year.

Stardew Valley multiplayer co-op 'underlying network code is solid'