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What goes around… 'S***hole' emblazoned onto Trump's DC hotel

14 January 2018

The expletive President Trump used last week in a discussion about immigration in the Oval Office and other slogans were projected Saturday night onto an outer wall of the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington.

Trump then inquired why the USA couldn't admit more immigrants from countries such as Norway, whose Prime Minister he met on Wednesday, and from Asian countries, who Trump believes might be of benefit to the economy in the United States.

A flood of grinning poop emojis then stream out of the hotel's entrance as "S***HOLE" appears in larger text above it.

The remark seems to have come back to haunt the US President after the Washington Post reported that he had used it in conversation with lawmakers who had gathered for a bipartisan DACA deal.

"This is not normal", a segment of the display read, along with messages to "stay vigilant" and "#resist".

Other phrases were also projected, including "pay Trump bribes here", "emoluments welcome", and "we are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy".

The videos were posted on the Twitter account of Robin Bell, as well as on his website Bell Visuals, who has staged other projection protests and been likened to a "hit-and-run editorial writer" by The Washington Post. Bell has a history of projecting anti-Trump messages on the Trump hotel as well has the Department of Justice. Bell said he had focused his projector onto the building for about 40 minutes. Most recently, South Africa's foreign ministry called Trump's alleged remarks "crude and offensive" and said Trump's subsequent denial was not categorical.

The latest projection stunt relates to Trump's comments regarding Haiti, El Salvador, and several African nations when speaking with lawmakers about immigration reform last week.

"There is no other word one can use but "racist, '" United Nations human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said, according to Reuters".

What goes around… 'S***hole' emblazoned onto Trump's DC hotel