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Trump's remark causes concern immigration deal out of reach

14 January 2018

Reports that U.S. President Donald Trump used a vulgar term to describe Haiti and African nations have been confirmed by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who was in an Oval Office meeting Thursday when the President called them "s-hole countries".

During a White House meeting Thursday on immigration reform, President Donald Trump reportedly referred to African nations as "sh**hole countries".

In a tweet, Clinton denounced Trump's remarks, which were made in a private meeting with lawmakers on Thursday, saying that Friday should be a day of remembrance for the 2010 quake in Haiti.

He also took issue with Trumps reported suggestion that the United States should welcome immigrants from places like Norway, whose population is overwhelmingly white, instead of from African countries and Haiti.

On the anniversary, many people want to focus on honoring those who lost their lives.

"So, that's what he said today in front of the cameras, but remember behind the cameras this is what the president just said yesterday", Lemon said before repeating Trump's previous racist remarks.

Henrik Heldahl, a commentator for the political website Amerikansk Politikk, said the sentiment would have been welcomed in Norway had Trump used less coarse language for Haiti and African countries.

"But they have no confirmation yet", Saati said.

Special status given to about 59,000 Haitian immigrants, that has protected them from deportation following the 2010 natural disaster, will end next year following a Trump administration ruling last month.

The controversial comments were brought up while the president argued against opening the U.S. borders to Haitians and Africans fleeing poverty, starvation, and violence in their homelands. He said these hateful things and he said them repeatedly. The Associated Press, however, reported that Trump privately defended the alleged comment, arguing it wasn't racist but "straightforward".

His promise is now in question after the comments allegedly made during a private immigration meeting with lawmakers. "I want to see the tape".

"This is very much a vile and disgusting comment coming from the president of the United States", he added. "They reinforce abhorrent racist attitudes, and evidence of the lack of knowledge, understanding, and empathy we expect of the person who occupies the highest office in the land". "Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!"

Trump's remark causes concern immigration deal out of reach