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'Mario Tennis Aces' announced for the Nintendo Switch

14 January 2018

Final Remix, due on Switch later this year, and Dark Souls Remastered releasing on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC this May led the announcements. The Direct kicked off with a Nintendo Switch port of the 2007 Nintendo DS game, The World Ends with You.

Two new DLC waves are in the works for the Switch version of Pokken Tournament that adds new fighters and support Pokemon. The paid Deluxe Battle Pack DLC is now available for purchase and the content will be released in two phases. Wave 1 arrives January 31 and Wave 2 arrives on March 23. Gamers that loved, or missed out on, Hyrule Warriors can return on the Switch with Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition later this Spring. This Wii U game has been hailed as the best Donkey Kong platformer in a long time, and now Switch players will be able to play a new mode as Funky Kong starting May 4. Since there are two new hardware launches previous year, it is expected to be one of the biggest Holiday period in term of console and games sold, as seen by the success of the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

It meant getting rid of key games like Mario Oddessy from the machine altogether just to play an ageing title that easily ran on the Xbox360 and PS3.

Kirby Star Allies comes to Nintendo Switch on March 16th, right around the corner. Better yet, you can mix and match friend abilities to perform ultra new combos. Since then, the game has been made available on nearly all Nintendo consoles.

Dragon Quest Builders Demo The Dragon Quest Builders Demo will be available by the end of January. While the touchscreen controls will remain in place, players can also use the Joy-Con for a different way to experience the action RPG.

Super Mario Odyssey Update (February 2018) - In a bid to improve the already-acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo says there'll be a new mode for people who have completed the main story. The update adds a mode called Balloon Mode, which can be activated by finding Luigi in each Kingdom.

Nintendo announced some new games, ports, and DLC for the Nintendo Switch on Thursday Morning. No release date was given for the former Radio Free Nintendo Retroactive title.

Payday 2 (Feb 27) - We've known about this port for a while, but Payday 2 is now confirmed for a Switch release on February 27.

Heroines from SNK will be taking on one another in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

As fan theories got more detached from reality, Nintendo played along through its social media, resulting in context-less tweets like one by its New York City office of a Mii dressed up like the Snapchat hot dog.

Fe is an adorable game starring a fox that was revealed at E3 2016 from Swedish developer Zoink Games as part of the EA Originals lineup. The new update brings new costumes and a new minigame that features Luigi to Super Mario Odyssey.

PS4 and Xbox One fans will also be getting the game when it lands on 25 May.

When a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct presentation dropped out of nowhere on the company's website yesterday, it immediately became one of the top trending stories of the day.

'Mario Tennis Aces' announced for the Nintendo Switch