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'Dreamers' get reprieve as judge blocks Trump's DACA plan

14 January 2018

Where exactly Trump stands on DACA and the budget, and whether he is really serious about tackling comprehensive immigration reform, is even less clear after the meeting than before.

Roy Beck is founder and president of Numbers USA, which regularly gives grades to members of Congress and congressional candidates on their positions on border enforcement.

Separately, 58 per cent of voters say they think marijuana should be made legal for recreational use everywhere in the U.S.

Lucero's been in the US since he was 2. "So great great news for DACA that we will now be able to do DACA renewals".

He said the US bishops "believe in measures that improve the security of our nation". Lucero says he was but lacked the documentation to prove it.

In an extraordinary televised negotiating session with lawmakers on Tuesday, Mr. Trump expressed enthusiasm for a potential deal without a firm grasp of the specifics. The program will be operated under the same terms as before the Trump administration rescinded the program on September 5, the agency said.

Trump prepared to ring in the new year with an ultimatum. But without DREAMers as pawns, Trump would have been begging Democrats for funding for his loopy wall, and the rest of his agenda would have been a non-starter. "We must protect our Country at all cost!"

Trump no longer talks about the "big, lovely wall" spanning the length of the U.S. -Mexico border, as he did in the election campaign, but he is demanding some elements of it as part of any agreement. And he wants American taxpayers to pick up the bill, rather than Mexico, the country he has repeatedly said would pay for it. If completed, nearly half of the 2,000-mile border would have some man-made form of physical barrier.

Trump ended the meeting by saying he would be happy to sign any bill that Congress produced. But the practical deadline for Congress to do something to fix DACA is likely January 19 - the day the government is scheduled to run out of money unless a new spending bill is passed. A Republican senator had to jump in and explain to Trump what he was agreeing to.

That's GOP Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of SC and Democrat Sen. 5 memo from then-acting DHS secretary Elaine Duke, the agency said it lacked authority to implement DACA because it was an executive order from the executive branch.

The whole issue is a potential landmine for Republicans, who risk alienating the growing population of Latino voters on one side and angering the strongly anti-immigration elements of Trump's base on the other. He's also been skeptical about a wall covering the length of the border.

"We support president trump we support the Republicans and Congress who are working on this and let's let them come up with a deal", Vangerhoof said. "There are mountains and rivers that prevent it in some places; in some places you just don't need it". That's about as far as you can go in stating what's going to happen at this point. During the campaign, Trump described the border wall as "big", "high", and "beautiful".

A small bipartisan group of lawmakers is continuing to meet in an attempt to hash out a deal before next Friday, the deadline for preventing a government shutdown.

The U.S. Catholic bishops "are encouraged by the consensus" that emerged from a White House meeting that a legislative solution for DACA is "urgently needed", said the chairman of the bishops' Committee on Migration.

The plan also included a path to citizenship for eligible Dreamers, and it would have extend the Temporary Protected Status, enacted in 2001, for 200,000 Salvadorans.

It also aims to end the phenomenon of so-called "chain migration", which sees United States citizens and Green Card holders facilitate the entry of their family members to the country.