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African ambassadors condemn Trump remarks as 'racist'

14 January 2018

However, US Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said on Friday Trump did use "vile, vulgar language, including 's***hole, '" in the meeting with lawmakers on Thursday.

Graham jumped on the comments on Friday, using the language of the open borders lobby to promote more "diversity" in the legal immigration system while claiming he reprimanded Trump for making the remark.

Although it is being taken as a denial of the "sh*thole" comment, Mr. Trump did not specifically reference that phrase in his denial.

It had sought clarification from the U.S. envoy as to whether Botswana was on the list of African nations Trump would include in his slur, which the White House did not deny he made, "given that there are Botswana nationals residing in the USA".

Former Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on Twitter Friday morning.

Trump earned national political prominence by promoting the falsehood that Barack Obama, America's first African-American president, was not born in the United States.

But Norwegians and their Scandinavian cousins on Twitter made a decision to mock Mr Trump and America itself instead by asking why they would want to go to a country without free healthcare and rampant gun crime.

The Republican president's comments were decried as racist by African and Haitian politicians, by the United Nations human rights office and by USA lawmakers from both major parties.

Haiti's ambassador in Washington has also asked for an apology, as Trump reportedly specifically questioned the protections granted to Haitian immigrants after the natural disaster.

"Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people", White House spokesperson Raj Shah said in a statement.

Casual Friday at the White House is soon to include hoods and tiki torches at this rate, South African media outlet Daily Maverick wrote. "We have consistently been portrayed as shitty people from shitty countries", he said.

Mr Durbin, the Senate's number two Democrat, had said people who would be allowed to stay in the USA under the deal included those who had fled disasters in places such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti.

Several African leaders, ambassadors and different dignitaries have expressed shock and pain following President Trump's comments.

But the White House later rejected it, plunging the issue back into uncertainty eight days before a deadline that threatens a government shutdown.

Colville warns that comments by a major political figure, such as the president of the United States, can have damaging and unsafe consequences. Because not only does he think brown countries are shitholes, he thinks, what, we're never going to know what he said?

And in August 2017, when he recognized "very fine people", among the white supremacists who incited chaos and violence in Charlottesville.

Trump was widely derided a year ago after twice referring to Namibia as "Nambia" at the September meeting.

Haitians' TPS had been continually renewed since then, but in May, then-DHS head and now Trump chief of staff John Kelly announced that their status, which was coming up again for renewal in July, would only be renewed for six months and reevaluated in November... "It is thanks to our African leaders that we are insulted that way", she said.

African ambassadors condemn Trump remarks as 'racist'