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A peek into Ranbir Kapoor's life

14 January 2018

The yesteryear actor lost his cool yet again and this time the victim of his anger was his young female fan. The veteran actor attended a lunch with his family, where he shouted at a fan and left her crying.

Taking to her Instagram account, Neetu shared the lovely photo with a caption that read, "Deep thinkers". Neetu Kapoor has often shared her videos and we totally get an idea about how big a drama queen she is. As the Kapoors were exiting the restaurant, she rushed to request the senior actor for a picture. She found it rude and didn't hesitate to tell him the same. Neetu Kapoor has also mentioned in an earlier interview that Ranbir's life resides in the little one who is the apple of everyone's eyes in the Kapoor and Sahni families. The poor fan got all teary-eyed and seeing the situation getting out of hand, Ranbir intervened and apologized to her and asked his fuming dad to head to his auto. In mid-December a year ago, IANS reported that he asked journalists to leave a book launch event (in spite of an invitation from the publisher) in New Delhi and also made a comment that they are there only for "muft ki daaru" (free alcohol). "(Who are you all?)".

India Tv- Ranbir and family
Ranbir and family

The report stated that Rishi spotted the journalists at the venue of the book launch and asked them: "aap log kaun hain?" He later added that they were there only for the freebies.

A peek into Ranbir Kapoor's life