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You can stream the Winter Olympics in VR on nearly any device

13 January 2018

Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) said it has formed a team made up of 130 medical staff, including 48 doctors, so they could be stationed at treatment centers at the athletes' village, stadiums and training centers for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in Gangwon Province.

A great example of the type of data-intensive, immersive experiences Intel is uniquely able to make possible, Intel True VR will bring fans around the world closer to the action in PyeongChang in an interactive, virtual reality environment.

However, the total installed base of VR headsets is relatively small, which could limit the effect of NBC's VR broadcasts on Winter Olympics viewership.

"I believe that North Korea's participation in the Pyeongchang Games will provide us with a chance to reduce tension on the Korean peninsula", said Mr Cho, whose official title is unification minister. Takanashi and Ito had already booked their tickets to South Korea by meeting the ski association's selection standards in December. To enroll in Verizon Up, customers have to download the My Verizon app.

NBC has partnered with Intel to set up multiple camera pods to create interactive 360-degree VR environments.
The White House says Pence will stress US commitment to stability in the region to leaders of South Korea and Japan.

Verizon has announced that it's waiving global roaming fees for customers who are going to attend the Winter Olympics.

"In the four years since the Sochi Olympics ended, I've been practicing jumping with a feeling of regret", said Takanashi, who finished fourth in Sochi after being the favorite to win the sport's first women's Olympic gold. "As the host of the next Winter Games, we have a lot of work to do and we have to work really hard in the next four years".

You can stream the Winter Olympics in VR on nearly any device