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US Chamber of Commerce ad removes Gov. Greitens amid criminal investigation

13 January 2018

Eric Greitens is acknowledging he's been "unfaithful" in his marriage but has denied allegations that he blackmailed the woman to stay quiet, following a bombshell news report that overshadowed his annual address to the legislature. "Eric took responsibility, and we dealt with this together honestly and privately". She says on the tape that he invited her downstairs at his home because he wanted to show her "how to do a proper pull-up".

On Friday's Behind the Headlines segment, St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh discussed journalism ethics and the process of reporting the affair with Lauren Trager, KMOV's investigative reporter who broke the story, and with Shula Neuman, St. Louis Public Radio's executive editor. "Both parties and the people of St. Louis deserve a thorough investigation of these allegations". Now, Greitens is under investigation for this and allegations that he slapped the woman.

On Thursday morning, House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City, said it was too early to call on the governor to resign.

She says she later realized he took a photo of her.

The man's attorney, Albert Watkins, said that Greitens became violent with the woman after she told her husband about it, CBS News reported.

The Los Angeles Times has learned the woman's identity, but, like other news outlets, is not naming her.

'He used some sort of tape, I don't know what it was... and taped my hands to these rings and then put a blindfold on me, ' she first explained. "Everybody was obviously disappointed - at a minimum - for him having an affair". She said returning to the salon "isn't fair to me, nor anyone close to us".

Temple told TPM that the woman's husband had recounted the incident to Temple in September 2016, based on what his wife told him.

The statement from Greitens and his wife doesn't address the affair specifically or the allegations, but in a separate statement late Wednesday Greitens' attorney, Jim Bennett, said, "There was no blackmail and that claim is false". He did not say if the ex-husband has also heard from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said Thursday she will launch a criminal investigation into whether Governor Eric Greitens blackmailed a former mistress.

A spokeswoman for the FBI's St. Louis office said the agency could not confirm or deny that it was investigating. But the city's top prosecutor encouraged anyone with evidence of a crime to come forward.

Sheena Greitens is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Missouri and co-director of the university's Institute for Korean Studies. Much of her research focuses on China and North Korea. The governor was married once before and divorced in 2003.

Greitens met with Cabinet members and placed phone calls to rally support Thursday while his attorney fended off with firm denials a smattering of accusations that Greitens had acted violently, taken a revealing photo or tried to blackmail the woman to remain silent about their 2015 affair.

Ex-Husband: "Tell me the truth".

US Chamber of Commerce ad removes Gov. Greitens amid criminal investigation