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Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles

13 January 2018

The Drive reached out to Toyota regarding which cars will receive Alexa integration first, the possibility of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-equipped Toyotas, and recommendations for drivers less than thrilled with the idea of an always-on microphone embedded in their new vehicle.

Although the concept sounds like the future of driving technology, cars will not be able to use voice assistants for an entirely autonomous driving experience.

Sources are saying that Amazon Alexa has now eventually Companies starting with Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo, all are preparing to integrate the Alexa voice assistant on their new notebooks and desktops.

Six months since Amazon and Microsoft shook hands for coupling Windows 10 with Alexa, we are having the initial signs of its arrival. The company has been doing this for years. Wearers must be Amazon customers or become Amazon customers to enable Alexa's capabilities for the glasses. This is where the business uses shine too: with an AR app, a fictional engineer look at a broken circuit board, get the glasses to identify what's wrong, and order the parts immediately through Amazon.

According to a variety of reports coming out of CES 2018, Vuzix is adding Alexa into its Blade smart glasses which have been officially revealed at the gadget show and are apparently due to hit the market in the second quarter of this year for a cool $1,000. The Vuzix Blade, its latest pair of augmented reality spectacles tries to balance that B2B / consumer sales pitch by adding a voice assistant. Three separate reports in 2017 placed Amazon's U.S. market share of smart speakers between 70% and 76%. They could even get weather updates through the glasses. Vuzix's chief executive officer Paul Travers recognized the disadvantages of such a high price point but did say that the company was expecting to shave the figure by as much as 50 percent by next year.