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Seal Backpedals His Oprah Diss, Takes Shot at Stacey Dash

13 January 2018

"I didn't want to delve into the world of politics because I felt I lost control", she revealed during a previously aired episode of the "Making Oprah" podcast.

Seal clarified his intentions in posting a meme on Instagram Wednesday that appeared to accuse Oprah of being aware of Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct and "being part of the problem for decades".

Seal's post was, unsurprisingly, met with a mixed response, with some followers agreeing with the singer and others questioning Seal's own past.

For an added point he hash-tagged the post with '#SanctimoniousHollywood'.

World-renowned singer Seal slammed Oprah Winfrey on social media just days after her much-praised speech at the Golden Globe awards, which centered on sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

But to Seal, born Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, the fact that she was an acquaintance of Weinstein apparently made Oprah complicit in Weinstein's long and dark history of sexual assault.

The Sun Online has approached Oprah's representatives for comment.

Steven Spielberg chimed in with his support when asked by The Guardian on Thursday, commenting: "I think Oprah Winfrey would make an absolutely brilliant president".

Even if Winfrey isn't a politician by trade, her "Golden Globes speech was, without question, a first step down a political path", Cillizza wrote in a column for

The speech sparked calls from celebrities and other media figures for Winfrey to run, and within a day, sources had told CNN's Brian Stelter that the media mogul, talk show host, and actress was "actively thinking" about running.

Oprah's heartfelt stories and podium-pounding climax sparked cheers and applause that reminded me of rising IL state Sen.

Seal's reference to people believing Oprah is the "solution" comes after she delivered a powerful speech at the Golden Globes in which she referenced the #MeToo movement and "women who have endured years of abuse and assault".

President Trump said he would beat Oprah Winfrey in the 2020 presidential election. However, that didn't stop the late-night world from weighing in on how she would stack up against the TV star who now resides in the White House, President Donald Trump. For the rest of us, I've got some new ones for you.

Juanita Broaddrick, a now 75-year-old who has said for decades that former president Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 also went on Twitter to blast Winfrey and her hypocrisy, the Washington Times reports.