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Lindsay Lohan is Apparently Designing Her Very Own "Lohan Island" in Dubai

13 January 2018

Dodging surprised glares and slightly awkward smiles from Williams, LiLo continued to explain that she's now attempting to design "Lohan Island" within The Worlds Islands, a grouping of small islands located in the Persian Gulf near Dubai.

"I have a lot of little projects there because I like to keep busy", she told U.S. TV host Wendy Williams in an interview on Friday (12Jan18). So, when I'm finished filming [British sitcom] Sick Note I can go back to Dubai, start the lipstick, discuss that and then design this island - Lohan Island ...

Lindsay said: 'I'm discussing designing an island in Dubai.

The 31-year-old talked about her family, her past destructive ways, as well as the projects that she intends to work on in the near future.

The actress previously insisted the change of address has helped her de-stress after spells spent living in New York, Los Angeles and London, under the constant gaze of the cities' paparazzi.

Continuing to squash fans' dreams of a permanent return to New York City, Lindsay Lohan has revealed she's planning to design her very own island off the coast of Dubai. "I don't always have to be scrutinized every second".

'I did not really know how to have a private life because I was really young.

'I've had enough of them!' she claimed. "I don't think anyone could be in a relationship with me because I'm never there all the time". "Life is moving good, it's fast but in a good, calmer way".

Regarding her family, it sounds like her mother Dina, 55, and father Michael, 57, are finally on good terms.

Lindsay Lohan is Apparently Designing Her Very Own