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Kate Couric on Matt Lauer: 'I Had No Idea'

13 January 2018

"The whole thing has been very painful for me", the news anchor told People on Saturday.

She called Lauer a "kind and generous" colleague who "treated me with respect".

Couric, 61, and Lauer hosted the "Today" show together for 15 years. The truth is that a joke I created on late night television was only this, as it was utterly contrary to our brother-sister relationship.

"The accounts I've read and heard have been disturbing, distressing and disorienting and it's completely unacceptable that any woman at the Today show experienced this kind of treatment", Couric reveals. "It's still very upsetting", Couric said. "I really admire the way Savannah [Guthrie] and Hoda [Kotb] and the entire Today show staff have handled a very hard situation", she concludes.

"FILE - In this May 31, 2006 file photo, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, co-hosts of the NBC Today" program, open her farewell broadcast in NY.

The TV journalist anchored the morning show from 1991 to 2006, while Lauer served as co-anchor from1997 to 2017. She said she passed out during the incident, but didn't report it for fear of losing her job. Couric broke her silence on the Lauer allegations in a December Instagram reply, in which she told a user asking why she had not addressed the scandal in public, "It's incredibly upsetting and I will say something when I'm ready to". The show's network, NBC, said an investigation of a Lauer colleague's detailed complaint showed "inappropriate sexual behavior".

He apologized afterwards in a groveling statement in which he said "some" of the allegations were "untrue". "You'll find not any phrases to convey my grief and regret the pain I've caused others by actions and words", he explained, in part. "As I am writing this, I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC".

Kate Couric on Matt Lauer: 'I Had No Idea'