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House lawmakers approve crackdown on 'sanctuary cities' in Florida

13 January 2018

The House also passed bills to scrap Florida's no-fault vehicle insurance laws, ban lawmakers from lobbying after they leave office for six years, deregulate a host of professions, impose restrictions on publicly-financed sports stadium deals, repeal red light cameras and require lobbyist to register to influence local governments. "It also exposes localities to litigation costs for Fourth Amendment violations and racial profiling by requiring officials to fully comply with all immigration detainer requests, regardless of whether there has been a judicial determination of probable cause -a practice that has been ruled unconstitutional by several courts across the country and a cost taxpayers should not have to undertake".

"The one thing that must remain consistent is the rule of law", Donalds said. "I do not support them, they are out of bounds".

Republicans defended the bill as simply upholding the rule of law but also condemned Trump's comments. "We'd be fools to say we did not believe in immigration". Democrats and immigration advocates say the bill could lead to racial profiling and would force local police officers to get proof of immigration status from everyone they arrest. "Knowing this rule of law is unjust".

After more than two and a half hours of debate, the House passed H.B. Its sponsor Rep. Larry Metz, R-Yalaha, said he began working on the legislation a couple of years ago after hearing of the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Kate Steinle in San Francisco. "This bill is about following federal immigration law, not the whims of a President".

"I thought this should never have happened, never have happened".

Debate in the House centered around recent comments reportedly made by President Donald Trump about Haiti and African nations at a meeting with lawmakers Thursday.

"If the remarks attributed to President Trump are accurate, they have no place in our public discourse".

Rep. Bob Cortes, R-Altamonte Springs, however, said he had no qualms about voting for the bill and was never pressured by Corcoran or House leadership.

Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Jacksonville, is sponsoring the measure in the Senate this session.

The bill faces a rocky reception in the Florida Senate, where it has been shot down in the past.

House lawmakers approve crackdown on 'sanctuary cities' in Florida