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Dog walks 20 miles twice to get back to family

13 January 2018

Cathleen, a Great Pyrenees mix, had been given up after her family in Seminole County, Oklahoma, US, moved home and didn't have the space to look after her anymore, US television station KCCI reported. "She may seem shy at first but will open up to you definitely". Friendly. She wants to be everyone's friend.

Cathleen, however, missed her original family so she walked from Prague to Seminole, a almost 20-mile journey, in search of them. She escaped from the Prague home and walked 20 miles to Seminole to find her family.

But Cathleen, still very much attached to her original owners, walked from her new home in Prague to her old one in Seminole at the end of December.

Case in point: A dog named Cathleen walked nearly 40 miles to find her previous owners, who could no longer take care of her. She is humble, kind and passive.

Cathleen is not the only dog who was recently reunited - however briefly - with her owners in a remarkable fashion. Sweet and loves food.

Cathleen found a home, the Seminole Humane Society said in a Facebook post Friday.

"We do need to be very careful in her placement or she will end up farther away and may try to come back and it would not end well", Mattingly posted on Facebook.

Cathleen's adoption fee is $25. 'We are working hard on just the ideal, secure place'.

That's when Seminole Humane Society stepped in.

Dog walks 20 miles twice to get back to family