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Diplomats scramble to contain outrage over Trump's remarks

13 January 2018

Dick DurbinRichard (Dick) Joseph DurbinDemocrats turn on Al Franken Minnesota's largest newspaper calls on Franken to resign Democratic senator predicts Franken will resign Thursday MORE (D-Ill.), came in an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers on immigration reform.

President Donald Trump's reportedly labelled African nations and Haiti at a bipartisan immigration meeting as "s**thole" while asking for more immigration from places like Norway.

When Trump said he wanted fewer immigrants coming to the US from Haiti, El Salvador or the entire continent of Africa, and more from places like Norway, he was saying exactly that and nothing more, his supporters argue. I support the President's push for merit based immigration as well as resolving the DACA situation once and for all.

"Has America become a better country as a result?"

President Donald Trump did not respond to questions about his use of a vulgarity or his question about why the USA should accept more immigrants from Haiti and African nations than from countries like Norway.

President Donald Trump's comments about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries is not revelatory about his views on race.

Haiti's ambassador in Washington has also asked for an apology, as Trump reportedly specifically questioned the protections granted to Haitian immigrants after the quake.

He ignores the triumphs of immigrants who came from these countries.

The US leader made the alleged remark in a Thursday meeting on immigration.

United States remains committed to working together w/Africans to realize the promise of a more peaceful, more productive, more prosperous 21st century Africa.

Rivers said Trump took the torch out of the hand of the Statue of Liberty with his remarks.

It said the "remarks dishonour the celebrated American creed and respect for diversity and human dignity".

Another Republican Senator who was there, Lindsey Graham, did not deny the comments were made. "I'll take a downtrodden Haitian, Salvadoran or African who hungers for and will defend freedom and opportunity in America over a privileged bigot who'd sell our liberty to the highest bidder any day", he said. "We have consistently been portrayed as shitty people from shitty countries".

After the January 12, 2010 quake, the US came to Haiti's assistance and was the largest provider of aid. He said he didn't say it, there you go.

And in the aftermath of revelations that Trump had referred to African countries and Haiti as “shitholes” on Thursday, they quickly offered rationalizations.

It can be hard to extract concrete policy proposals out of the president's off-the-cuff remarks, so we'll leave that task to his loyal translators.

Jeffress is an informal advisor to Trump and has visited the White House.

"To squander that goodwill certainly means many difficulties in terms of pursuing trade, in terms of doing business comfortably, in terms of counter terrorism, security cooperation", Lewis said.

"However, we still think we can get there and we are very focused on trying to make sure that happens", she said.

The World Bank on Friday tweeted that sub-Saharan Africa's economic growth this year is forecast at 3.2 percent. When the question was raised about Haitians, for example, we have a group that have temporary protected status in the United States because they were the victims of crises and disasters and political upheaval.

Haiti's Ambassador to the US, has also formally summoned an American official to explain the president's comments and said the government "vehemently" condemned them, NBC News contributor Yamiche Alcindor.

President Trump on Friday denied making the comments - saying on Twitter that his language was "tough" - as he rejected the framework reached that would protect more than 700,000 illegals affected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.