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Alexis Ohanian shares his fears, resolve after wife Serena Williams' labor 'ordeal'

13 January 2018

Serena Williams, has revealed that she almost died after she had her baby last September.

2014 victor Stan Wawrinka is in doubt with a shoulder complaint, while six-time champion Novak Djokovic remains in doubt after missing six months of tennis since Wimbledon past year. Obeying her request for the scan, the medical team found several small blood clots in her lungs and immediately began the medication. Over the next few days, Williams was back in surgery after one of her C-section scars popped open after she experienced coughing spells. This unraveled into further medical issues including a large hematoma found in her abdomen and hemorrhaging.

She finally had to return to the operating room to have a filter inserted into a major vein, in order to prevent more clots from dislodging and traveling into her lungs. Luckily, the surgery procedure went very well, and the baby was doing well. At first, a nurse who was treating Williams suggested that the pain medications she was taking might have been confusing her, but Williams insisted.

She quipped to America's Vogue magazine: "I was like, listen to Dr. Williams!" I don't need the money or the titles or the prestige.

Serena Williams at 8-weeks pregnant and making history winning her 23rd Grand Slam. That's because it takes time for the blood-clotting factors to return to normal, and for the uterus to reduce in size, Aftab said.

"I was happy to change diapers but on top of everything she was going through, the feeling of not being able to help made it even harder", he said of the ordeal which left his wife on bed rest.

Tennis legend Serena Williams is widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes on the planet, and perhaps ever.

She returned home a week later to an entirely different type of bad news: the night nurse had fallen through. It's that same negative attitude I have on the court sometimes.

"My arms might not look like the girl over there or my legs might not look like someone else or my butt or my body or my anything, if they [do] have a problem with it then I look them in the eye and say, 'If you don't like it, I don't want you to like it". Serena Williams is just one of many Black moms who experience serious complications during or after childbirth, and is more clear evidence that not enough is being done to make sure Glack moms get the treatment they deserve.

Sometimes I get really down and feel like, "Man, I can't do this". "No one talks about the low moments ―the pressure you feel, the incredible letdown every time you hear the baby cry".

"Knowing I've got this lovely baby to go home to makes me feel like I don't have to play another match".

Despite all the times that Williams has been criticised for her appearance, she awards her mother for insuring she never lost her self-assurance.

Alexis Ohanian shares his fears, resolve after wife Serena Williams' labor 'ordeal'