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U hoops' Lynch denies sex assault claims, will fight expulsion

12 January 2018

Lynch, meanwhile, has not decided on whether he will continue challenging the school's findings-or even whether he will still attend school at the University of Minnesota or play basketball with the team.

Lynch is accused of digital penetration in one incident, and sexual assault in another.

Pacyga wouldn't provide details but called it a "she said, he said" situation made more hard because the allegations were made months after the incidents and key evidence is no longer available.

He said he could not say when each was reported to the school, but said the first meeting with the EOAA for each case was in October of 2017.

Pacyga said Lynch has appealed the two EOAA rulings, but he said he isn't sure whether the two hearings will be combined, though he said he thinks they should be separate.

During a press conference Wednesday at which the basketball star was conspicuously absent, Attorney Ryan Pacyga confirmed Lynch has filed requests for an appeals hearing for both his suspension and expulsion.

"He had a right not to participate in these one could compel him to do it but he did it". "But we can't get so caught up in that we all of the sudden whittle away or eliminate or decide we're not going to stand up for the person who says, 'No I didn't'".

Pacyga said his client is "eager to clear his name" and is considering all options, including the possibility of leaving the school rather than continuing the appeal process.

The 23-year-old Minnesota native was suspended from the basketball program and banned from the school's Minneapolis campus until August 1, 2020 last week following an investigation by the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office that started in the fall, per Scott Gleeson of USA Today.

Pacyga compared the accusations against Lynch and the current climate towards sexual misconduct to the hysteria that led to Japanese internment camps during World War II. Law enforcement could have come in and collected the bedding, could have had the accuser do a sexual assault exam where she would have DNA swabs done and they would test for DNA and semen.

Via rape survivor and activist Abby Honold, a former University of Minnesota student, the victim in that alleged incident released a statement blasting Pacyga for a violation of privacy. "Reggie Lynch is in for the fight of his life and I'm afraid because he's already been denied a fair investigation by virtue of evidence that can not be collected". Lynch was arrested in May 2016 after a woman made a criminal complaint of sexual assault against him.

A female reporter, visibly offended, responded to Pacyga, saying, "I feel like you're taking down the #MeToo movement".

"He wanted his side of the story out", Pacyga said.

The Edina, Minn., native practiced with the team on Monday.

U hoops' Lynch denies sex assault claims, will fight expulsion