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TiVo Is Getting Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Integration

12 January 2018

An Amazon spokesman has said that they are; "excited about the potential of the glasses and the ability to bring Alexa to customers in a new way". Of those devices, 39 million will be smart speakers, up from 27 million units shipped in 2017. Amazon is already dominating the headlines with a bevy of announcements - the show doesn't even officially kick off until Tuesday - while Google's marketing material is all over the city.

Furthermore, head of products for Alexa's automotive efforts, John Scumniotales mentioned that "It's still really day one for us in terms of what we can do with Alexa in the vehicle", Analysts are expecting to have more of this products be available globally, especially with Amazon's Echo untouched potential as a digital assistant.

Amazon recently removed Google products from its e-commerce platform, and Google dropped support for YouTube on Amazon's online platforms.

But speakers are just the beginning.

Sony is also working on a smart display with Google Assistant integration, but we've yet to see that model in the flesh. Moreover, some of the displays are more like tablets, and will let you carry them around your house.

Not that Amazon has been sitting still.

But where motorists typically have to learn fairly rigid voice commands to operate the onboard enTune system, Alexa can understand and respond to much more natural speech, while also offering a much wider array of services and functions. Now called Actions, these skills will appear in their own section of the Google Assistant app. They are neatly divided into categories and sub-categories ranging from art and lifestyle, food and drink, local, travel and weather and a lot more.

A local company is showing off new technology that could eventually help you get additional uses out of your Amazon Alexa app.

All of this is due to a shift in Google's thinking.

Toyota, a company that habitually spars with Volkswagen for the title of world's largest automaker, is among the few that stubbornly refuse to offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in any of its products. The company has installed a giant booth outside CES and taken out sponsorship of the Las Vegas Monorail.

What are they using the devices for?

"Google in referring to things the Google Assistant can do as Actions". This portable device is powered by the latest generation of Intel processors and also includes graphics cards made by AMD as well as Intel, advanced enough to play modern video games such as "Rez Infite", which is a virtual reality title. You can easily know what kind of products can perform the what kind of actions on Google Assistant.

Google Assistant can be used to control all sort sof smart home gadgets and appliances. Today, three years later, 16% of Americans own a smart speaker.

TiVo Is Getting Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Integration